Halloween Party 2014

Picture this, if you dare. It’s a cold, dark night on Halloween. You’re walking in the dark, ahead and through the mist you see a large Scottish Castle glowing red in the dark. Just as you begin to lose your nerve, a group of costumed kids shouts, “Happy Halloween! It’s a party!” Sound like fun? You bet your broomstick it does. Which is why we concocted this Halloween party of a life time, one that no ghoul or goblin will ever forget.

  • 300 guests, adults and children (family nights).
  • Guests will be seated at round tables of 10, and there will be 30 of these tables as well as a stage for the Entertainment and Host and a dance floor area.
  • Stuart Webster from Tay FM will host.
  • You will be met by a bone rattling bagpiper and piped to the Pavilion.
  • Stilt walkers will wander the party and grounds.
  • Fire eater will be lighting the way through the dark.
  • Pavilion decorated with Scotland’s largest collection of Halloween and horror movie props.
  • Stage show Paul Cunningham Magician.
  • Guest appearance by Cher Dragged Up (Cher drag act).
  • ICUsmile Photography is covering the event.  “Photo Area” will be set up with Halloween Props for family and group photos which can be purchased.
  • Close up Magician working the tables.
  • Kids area set up inside and outside the Pavilion.
  • Buses will be running from Fife, Perth and central point in Dundee.  Cost for bus will be £6 each regardless of which location you are travelling from.
  • Cold as death severed finger(s) buffet.
  • A number of “walking zombies” will wander the party and grounds.
  • Treasure Hunt around the castle grounds.
  • Raffle and auction prizes will be available for all guests to buy and bid on.
  • Games and disco for everyone with Stuart Webster AKA The Webmaster.

Our feedback from Castle Horror 2

Grrrrreat Night!! Weirdly Romantic.... Is that Weird?.... Guess Not.... Anywhere Good Effort
Place looks amazing!! Everyone puts so much effort into making it look so authentic. Can't wait until next year.
Fantastic Night, again, already looking round for ideas for next years costume. See you next year.
It is indeed wonderful to be deceased! Having a spooky time! A big thank you to all who made this happen
Wonderful set-up; Excellent company
Absolutely Fantastic
Fantastic effort, great setting, well done, First time hope it's not the last.
Oooooh! Spooky! Great Night.
Blown away - fantastic effort. Would come back for sure.
Mwahahaha Scary Party, with lots of great characters... Well done
Awesome party everything is perfect :) Hope we can look forward to much of the same next year.
Once again an amazing set up, date I say it... Even better than Castle Horror 1!! Please, please, please let there be a Castle Horror 3! Great charity and well done!
Wow! Just when you think things couldn't get any better..... Absolutely Fantastic! A 'huge' well done to the organisers - your effort have certainly paid off!!
Wow! Amazing. Very Impressed. This wee witch is going to be flying tonight, well done to the organisers.
The Decor, characters, entertainers are amazeballs!!